Deborah Hannah Ministries

Single Mothers With Sons


Through a holistic and Christ-centered approach, we aim to educate, empower, and enrich urban single-parent families and to bring holistic change by providing community-based resources and services that produce employment opportunities, youth development, and community growth. 

Vision Statement

To build and educate families to develop strong character and to realize their full potential as responsible citizens while achieving a better family life.

Single Mothers With Sons
Mentoring Program

Deborah Hannah Ministries created this program for single mothers who are unmarried, divorced, or widowed with sons. These women have tried all they know to raise at-risk males with little or no assistance from their fathers. They are frustrated, discouraged, and filled with hopelessness. With the help of our resources, they will find hope again.

Biblical principles are the foundation of SMWS, and when put into action, changes are guaranteed. God will give beauty in exchange for their ashes.

Single Mothers with Sons Mentoring Program assist women in raising boys to become non-violent, dependable, and respectful men.

Males ages 6 through 18 will engage in violence prevention/anger management programs, communication, self-esteem building, and mentorship. At the end of the program, we will commemorate accomplishments with a special ceremony and luncheon. 

Age Group: 6-9, 10-13, & 14-18

SMWS Goals

Provide single mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, and sisters as caregivers with the tools to help boys succeed in their childhood as they become young men.

We provide parents with parenting skills to deal with life issues that reduce child abuse and neglect.

To provide activities to empower our young men to develop holistically and become productive citizens.

To introduce and pair children with community leaders as mentors; through group and one-on-one mentoring programs.

To partner and build alliances with public and private organizations to provide opportunities and resources to broaden our children’s experiences via internships, employment, and community programs that strengthen their intellectual, health, and social well-being.

To provide workshops and support group meetings for mothers and sons to express the issues and concerns that may hinder progress or success. A professional counselor will facilitate group sessions.


Single Mothers With Sons

All completed applications can be emailed to

SMWS Programs

These programs serve as a measuring tool to gauge the success of our participants. DHM will use testimonials and surveys to measure progress. Confidentiality is a high priority in our program; therefore, we protect the privacy of our participants.

Parenting Classes (Voluntary or Court Ordered): Parent Education and Family Stabilization Course:

Parent Education and Family Stabilization Courses is an online course. Courses will address the various risk factors generally associated with abuse, developmental stages of childhood, parenting time, communicating with children in a divorce situation, domestic violence, neglect, abandonment, etc. Though classes are helpful for divorcees, they can also benefit those with significant others in the home. Family stabilization courses meet the parent's scheduling demands, which allow parents to work at their own pace.


Our mentor lead ventures and outings designed to promote family unity, implement social skills, and cultivate a sense of belonging to develop a cohesive bond within the family unit. All mentors will participate in a mentor screening process which includes a background check. Research indicates that when youth are engaged in education and productive activities, they are less likely to become involved in high-risk, unhealthy behaviors that can delay or impede positive development. It is proven cost-effective to spend a little time, energy, money, and resources now than millions of dollars after entry into the juvenile justice system; that can be a pipeline for jail or prison.

Family Retreat

We are changing lives and shaping futures! DHM Family Retreat serves mothers and sons struggling with life challenges and disharmony within their relationships. This getaway will allow you to implement everything you’ve learned in building healthy relationships. So let's enjoy a moment away filled with fun and excitement, activities, and the making of lifelong memories in an atmosphere that is Christ-centered, safe, and accepting of all participants. During this respite time, you will have an opportunity to connect with other families with similar challenges. Join us for a time of fun and refreshment.

Workshops and Conference:


We will contact students about their program enrollment progress. Our staff will provide a support system throughout the youth's post-secondary education until age 21.