Daycare Center

Up-and-coming day care center for children age 3 months to 4 years old. 


Promoting academic excellence, teaching children, biblical principles and knowledge of themselves and others. 


Building Character One
Block At A Time


For all children to be well equipped for primary education and the outside world by shaping their mind, body, and spirit through Christian principles. 

Academic Development Program


A phonics program will be used for our students. Each child has an aademic development plan and the teacher supplements the curriculum with workbooks and early reading books.
A math program will be used along with other workbooks to supplement what each child need for growth.
Children will learn the very basics about landforms, plants and animals. Teachings will be supplemented with workbooks and coloring books.
Social Science
Students will learn in simplistic ways to spark an eagerness in learning more. They will learn about states, capitals, holidays and many others. Manipulatives and workbooks are supplements to the curriculum.

Social/Emotional Development Program
Children will learn about themselves and others as they engage in playtime. Each teacher will form restorative circles for children that have conflict with others to assist in developing their social skills. Anger management techniques and practices will be taught to help students gain control of their aggression and anxiety. We will have projects such as arts and crafts to channel their anger through a more productive measure. This will teach our children to realize that there are other ways to express anger. We have a nurturing staff that supports infants and children to regulate their emotions, and to develop a sense of predictability, safety, and responsiveness in their social environments.

Physical Development Program
It’s important that our children know the significants of eating healthy and exercise at such a young and developing age. Physical education and learning about their bodies are significant factors in growth and development.

Spiritual Development Program
Spiritual development is paramont to having a successful and healthy lifestyle. Teaching biblical principles through storytime, songs, puzzles, and puppet shows are an excellent way to gain knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
This reach all learners; auditory, visual, kinesthetic, social, and solitary.

Fulfilling Your Dreams Program
As a part of our college and career readiness program, teaching students at the pre-school level is building a strong foundation for future planning. This play and learning area will give children the opportunity to learn and explore different careers. Some girls dream to become a princess. They will be taught how to be a leader and how to lead others. They will also learn the importance about caring for others and serving humanity. Some boys may love music or being a superhero. They will learn about careers that will spark their interest such as musicians, firefighters or policemen. They will learn about various careers to cultivate their gifts, talents, and passions.

Family/Parent Program
There will be workshops available to parent(s) to assist them in gaining knowledge in their area of interest. 

Training & Development Center

Future Development